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Deadbolt Locks and Doorknobs, Deadbolt locks outperform doorknob locks in terms of strength and durability. They also deter burglars, who usually will be discouraged at the sight of a deadbolt lock and move on to another house. Another advantage to using a deadbolt lock is a lower possibility of locking yourself outside because you need the key to lock the door from the exterior when you leave.

The deadbolt lock uses a type of lock cylinder that can only be moved from the open position by turning the cylinder. This requires either a turning knob or a key. The common doorknob lock uses a spring-bolt combination, where the spring holds the bolt in place. This lock can be opened with a key that pulls the bolt back, but the bolt can also be jimmied back by force on the bolt.

Constrcution Material- Deadbolt Locks and Doorknobs

The deadbolt will be constructed with either a single or double cylinder. With a single-cylinder, there is a knob on the inside and a key for the outside of the lock. The double cylinder operates with a key on both sides and there is no knob. It is recommended for fire safety to use the inside knob style, but if the lock is near a window that can be smashed and is in reach of the lock, the double key style is preferred.

Purpose- Deadbolt Locks and Doorknobs

Some deadbolt locks are manufactured to be impacted, pick and lock bump resistant. An optional metal door edge wrap can help prevent delaminating and force failure. Some new deadbolt locks feature keyless entry, with biometric finger scan technology, and some feature remote control operation. ANSI 1 rated locks are recommended.

Installtion Area

Deadbolts should be installed on all exterior doors, and doors between garages and the house. Guard access to keys, and keep house keys separate from car keys. This prevents duplication of your house keys when you have your car at the repair shop. If you have outside help who have access to lock keys, you should have the lock re-keyed when they are no longer employed at your home or business.

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