Got Stuck With Key Ignition- What NOT TO DO?

You are likely to experience a broken car key in the ignition at least once in your lifetime. If such a case occurs, your car key may get cut in half and remain stuck in the ignition. You might also struggle to take out the broken piece.

Doing something incorrectly may result in the need to replace the lock. Just because you were unaware of some basic “do’s and don’ts.” That’s why we have provided you with a few examples of what you should never do when your car key breaks.

Don’t Use Magnets– Key in Ignition?

Since you’re dealing with metal, you might think that a magnet could help. However, this is a no-go since the magnet could attract metallic debris and iron fillings. Which will result in damage to your entire lock. So, instead of paying someone to remove the broken piece, you end up having to pay someone for a new lock.

Don’t Use a Screwdriver

It might sound logical to try this one as well – The ignition is stuck, so let’s forcefully remove it. You will, however, risk damaging your car lock. You may also overpay for something that was a minor issue. Which could have been fixed within minutes – if only you knew what not to do.

Don’t Use Metal and Super Glue– Key Stuck in Ignition

This might sound like serious and honest advice to you. It works sometimes, too. The likelihood of this happening is one in 100. Do you want to take a chance? some people will recommend attaching the broken piece with a thin metal parchment and super glue. In the event that the superglue connects to your lock. You will have to drill into the car to gain entry. You’ll also be making your locksmith’s day because he’ll be going home happier than he was before you did your DIY. Also, a professional Locksmith will do the proper way with hurting any of your things.

Don’t Use Picks

This is something that rarely works. People tend to use dental picks or any other kind of picks to remove the broken piece. Unfortunately, there is not enough room in the car lock for such a maneuver. You might get lucky and it might work, but most likely. It won’t. chances are, you will break the pick and have two pieces stuck inside your lock – you’re better off trying a method with a higher success rate.

Don’t Use Pliers– Key Locked in Ignition

Here’s another method that won’t work no matter what kind of pliers you use.

If you don’t break the key above the car lock. You won’t have the space to operate, and you’ll only be frustrated. don’t waste your energy on something that won’t work.

Keep your head up and don’t get desperate: This method is far more infuriating than others.

All the information above should give you a better idea of what you should NOT do if you break off a key in your ignition. Everyone is susceptible to this, and it isn’t very rare. Wear and tear, excess force, weather conditions, etc… can cause these things to happen. Nevertheless, you can always try softly opening your door. This will relieve you of the burden of thinking about what to do or not do. Best of luck!


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